‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 Delayed Until 2021, New Spinoff Series Ordered at FX

It was a good news, bad news day for “American Horror Story” with season 10 delayed but a new spinoff anthology series on the way at FX…

“American Horror Story” has featured ghosts, witches, vampires, serial killers and much more but it turns the COVID-19 pandemic is the monster that finally foiled the show.

On Tuesday, FX announced that the upcoming 10th season of “American Horror Story” would be delayed until 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic that has shut down productions across the globe with no clear sign when filming in the United States will begin again. Initially, “American Horror Story” was targeting a fall return as usual with the show expected to debut in either September or October.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has wreaked havoc across the film industry and now the popular anthology series will have to wait until next year to debut.

Creator Ryan Murphy had already teased that the delays might force him to change the theme for season 10 due to a specific shooting scheduled that was required during a certain time of year. Now it appears he’ll just be pushing back the entire production with the show not set to return until 2021.

“American Horror Story” season 10 will feature many returning cast members including Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates as well as former “Home Alone” actor Macaulay Culkin making his debut on the series.

While that was definitely bad news for fans of “American Horror Story” there was some good news to come along with it.

“American Horror Stories” — a spinoff of the original series that will feature standalone, one hour episodes with a self-contained story in each installment — has been ordered to series at FX.

Murphy initially announced plans for this series on his Instagram but very little was known about the idea at the time. Now it’s been confirmed that “American Horror Stories” will move forward as an anthology series similar to the main show except this time around every episode will feature a different tale of horror.

Past horror series such as “Master of Horror” or “Fear Itself” have featured a similar format and now “American Horror Stories” will do the same. Now once again because of the production delays because of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no timeline when the new spinoff will debut but the show is definitely coming to FX in the near future.

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