Best DC Comics Online Slots Games

Online slots games – alongside online casinos – have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. In terms of slots, this has been driven by more expansive games that deliver better graphics and gameplay. However, people are now increasingly attracted to online slots that are based on pop culture characters and media.

For example, casual gamers love playing an online slot themed after their favorite movie, show, band, or character. Perhaps the most vibrant part of the online slot market is superhero games, which reflect the popularity of Marvel and DC characters across media. People can’t get enough of Batman, The Avengers, and other comic book heroes.

What’s interesting about the surging popularity of online slots is that it is happening hand-in-hand with the growing success of online casinos. An affiliation industry has built around online casinos, including review websites, online resources for learning casino games, and bonus code sites. For example, it is possible to get a Betrivers promo code in New Jersey before heading to the casino to play or to read reviews of casino venues beforehand.

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In terms of online slots, the growth in popularity has allowed developers to create big-budget games based on comic book characters. However, there is one important caveat to consider. Since 2017, all Marvel slots have been discontinued. That’s a shame and means The Avengers and other games are no longer available.

Luckily, DC has picked up the slack with its selection of amazing online slots. Below are some of the best.

Superman the Movie

Superman the Movie is a classic in both the cinematic realm and online slot world. Released in 1978 and starring Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel, Superman the Movie was an event blockbuster before those were ever a thing. It was also just an excellent all-round movie. Moving to online slots, Superman the Movie lives up to its reputation and is regarded as amongst the best superhero slot games ever. Complete with slick 3D graphics, a low buy-in level for casual gamers, and some excellent bonus games, Superman the Movie is a winner.

The Dark Knight

Widely regarded as the greatest comic book movie of all time, The Dark Knight saw director Christopher Nolan perfect what many of us expect from Batman on the silver screen. Moody, dramatic, and thrilling, the movie is notable for Heath Ledger’s take on The Joker. Batman’s nemesis is present on The Dark Knight slot, alongside the Caped Crusader himself. This is an ultra-modern slot game with amazing cut scenes, low stakes, and the ability to win $1 million from just a 1c buy-in.

Man of Steel

Superman slots are so good that most of them are viewed as classics. Indeed, Superman II, the follow up to the Superman the Movie slot is also considered an amazing game. However, it is the more modern Man of Steel that adds a new level of quality to the Superman slot experience. Based on the 2013 Zac Snyder movie that introduced Henry Cavill as Superman, the Man of Steel online slot is elegant and has some standout bonus rounds and multipliers.

Justice League

What better way to round off a list of the best DC online slots than with the Justice League? Sure, the Justice League movie failed to impress fans of the franchise, but luckily the online slot game is excellent. This is another DC-based slot game that looks simply amazing, with stunning visuals and crisp audio. Players will value the wide stake spread that starts low and goes very high, allowing for some massive potential wins.

So, those were the best DC online slots currently available. As always, the idea of playing an online slot is to have fun. Always play within your financial limits or even just playing the game online for fun without spending any money.

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