Best Horse Movies of All-Time

Hollywood loves the horse and people who adore our equestrian friends don’t have to look far to find a horse in a movie. In fact, a whole genre, Westerns, feature horses heavily. Perhaps no animal has been more frequently depicted in movies than the horse… not even dogs. In this article, we will look at the best horse movies of all time.

Before getting to the list, it’s important to know not all the movies involve horse racing. However, the sport remains hugely popular on betting markets and makes for a riveting spectacle on TV or the silver screen. Websites can teach you all there is to know about horse racing, such as, where all the relevant details are available. You should also look out for one classic horse racing movie on our list below.

The Horse Whisperer

Released in 1995, The Horse Whisperer was something of a passion project for Hollywood legend Robert Redford. He directed and starred in the movie, which was based on the 1995 novel by Nicholas Evans. As the name suggests, Redford is a skilled horse trainer who is known as “The Horse Whisperer” because of his ability to connect with equestrians.

When a young girl loses a friend and her own leg in a horse-riding accident, Redford’s character Tom Booker helps the girl to recover emotionally and reconcile with her horse.


And here it is, perhaps the most famous and best horse racing movie of all time. Seabiscuit was released in 2003 and is the story of the thoroughbred race champion of the same name. The horse dominated racing before the 1940s, winning more money than any other champion runner. However, the intertwining story that revolves around Seabiscuit involves the Great Depression and a shift into modern life.

Nominated for seven Oscars, Seabiscuit is a classic Hollywood movie that has gravitas, weight, and emotion.


Part epic, part actioner, part western, Hidalgo is a stunning blend of genres. However, what Joe Johnston’s 2004 biographical movie is really about is a man’s relationship with his horse. It is a love letter to the horse and tells the true story of Frank Hopkins and his beloved companion Hidalgo. Hopkins was a notable long-distance rider with 400 race wins to his name and the movie focuses on his 1891 race in Arabia.

There’s plenty of horse action in Hidalgo but it is worth noting many of Hopkins’ accounts of races are disputed.

Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron

While animation movies feature many horses, Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron is a rare animated feature that has a horse as its protagonist. Released in 2002 by DreamWorks Animation, Spirit is a heartwarming movie and also an interesting animated film. That’s because Spirit and the other animals don’t talk but instead communicate through body language, which is rare in animated cinema. It was narrated by Matt Damon and received an Oscar nomination.


While the list above showcases the best horse-related movies, there are many more. As mentioned, Hollywood loves the horse and there are dozens of movies where a horse features prominently as the main plot point. Some notable examples include Black Beauty, Dreamer, Buck, and War Horse.

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