European Roulette Explained

Players believe that you will lose your money quicker on the American wheel and so prefer to play on the European wheel. Why is this? Let’s take a closer look at what experienced players say on this topic and gain a better understanding of European roulette so you’re best played to place your bets on the European wheel! Although the payout between the American wheel and the European wheel are the same, the additional 0 on the American has a direct influence on the odds of the game, regardless of the payout is the same. The payout for both is 35 to 1, however, on the European wheel, the odds of winning is 1 in 37 compared to the lower odds of 1 in 38 on the American wheels. So although lots of people say they prefer the American wheel, the choice for which wheel is the more lucrative is clear, it’s the European wheel! Of course, this doesn’t mean players who play the American wheel won’t win and the players playing on the European wheel, as this is all down to chance, but the odds are more in your favour on the European wheel at

Now you know the European wheels are generally a better playing option, let’s find out more about the game! It’s relatively simple to make a bet on roulette, all you need to do is place your chips on the number on the roulette table you think the ball will land on and online roulette is a very intuitive game.

There are multiples types of bets that you can make which fit into two categories: inside bets and outside bets.

Inside bets are as follows: straight-up bets which are placed on any number with a payout of 35-1; split bet which is a bet on two adjacent numbers with a payout if 17-1; street bet which is a bet on three numbers in a row with a payout of 11-1; corner bet, bets on four numbers in the corner where all four numbers touch with a payout of 8-1 and; line bet which is a bet on six numbers all in a row with a payout of 5-1.

Outside bets are as follows: column bet which comprises bets on a whole column on the “2-1” box which is situated at the end of a column with a payout of 2-1; dozen bet which is a group of 12 numbers located on the first 12 box, second 12 box or the third 12 box, which has a payout of 2-1; red or black, which is pretty self-explanatory, either a bet on red or black with a payout of 1-1; odd or even which is again quite a well-known bet on either odd of even numbers, with a payout of 1-1 and finally; bets on low or high numbers, with low numbers being the numbers 1-18 and high numbers including numbers 19-36 with a payout again of 1-1.

What’re you waiting for? Now you know how European roulette works, it is high time you got some practice in on the wheel!

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