Fascinating Stuff Only Hardcore Game of Thrones Fans Know

Learn some of the most obscure Game of Thrones facts and trivia. These GoT facts will blow your mind and help you impress your other GoT loving friends.

You may be GoT crazy or preparing for a GoT quiz with your friends. Whatever the reason, here are some of the best facts about the series, its actors and even its dogs that hardcore GoT fans should know. Some of these facts are hilarious, while others will blow your mind.

Even if the final season did not live up to your expectation, you should still hear these cool facts.

Beware – Spoilers Alert!

#1: Sansa Adopted Zunni

Sophie Turner is the name of the actress who played Sansa, the eventual Lady of Winterfell, but you already knew that didn’t you> what you might not know is that Sophie adopted Zunni from season one. But who is Zunni, you ask? She was the dog that was killed off, better known as Sansa’s dire wolf Lady.

#2: GoT Has Inspired So Much

You can tell when a production is a success by looking at what else it inspires. Take Harry Potter, for example, which has created entertainment spaces of all kind, online and in person. Game of Thrones is similar in that it has filtered into merchandise, studio tours, board games and even online games. One great example of the latter is Microgaming’s  Game of Thrones slot game.

#3: Once Upon a Time, GoT Bombed

GoT may be one of the greatest shows ever to be made with a huge budget, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the pilot episode was a total disaster and even labelled as complete garbage. Many of the actors and actresses who took part in the pilot were immediately replaced. It’s a good job that they didn’t lose hope, or we would be living in a world without GoT.

#4: George RR Martin Was a Character

You know that awful pilot we just mentioned? A writer of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin, actually featured in a cameo role on it. He played the part as noble of Pentos and was seen attending the wedding of Daenerys. Unfortunately for him, the cameo of Martin did not end up making it to the real shoots for the screen.

#5: Daenerys on the Toilet

If you cast your mind back to season one, a time when we probably did not realize how great GoT was going to be, you will remember Daenerys eating the horse heart. Emilia Clark was covered in so much fake blood – usually involving a syrup-like mix – that she consequently got stuck on the toilet. We’re not sure who helped her off, but it probably wasn’t Cersei Lannister.

How Many Did You Know?

If you knew some of these facts already, you may well already be a GoT hardcore fan. Keep these facts to yourself, impress your friends – or use them to win the next GoT trivia night!

There is even a prequel to the series expected, called House of Dragon! If you miss GoT,

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