Greatest Karaoke Scenes in Movies

Most people have – at once time or another – had a go at karaoke. Often this may be after a few drinks on a night out with friends. Normally this turns into a raucous affair which you may or may not remember the next day. If you do remember it, you may be mortally embarrassed at your efforts with so many other people watching you.

Karaoke is a great form of entertainment and you will no doubt have seen several movies which have great karaoke scenes it them. Whether the actors are singing by themselves or as actual performances, it is still great to see them enjoying themselves so much.

Naturally, in the movies the actors have the best karaoke microphones, whereas we may have to make do with what is set up on the night. This does not mean you enjoy yourself any less, it simply means that you could sound a lot better when you sing!

Here are some of the most popular karaoke scenes in the movie world.

Duets – with Andre Braugher and Paul Giamatti

If you enjoy karaoke, then be sure to watch this movie as it is pretty much all about karaoke. While the plot may be pretty weak the singing scenes are great. Watch out for ‘Try a little tenderness’ sung by the duo. It’s a delightful piece and goes a long way to making the movies a special thing to watch. What makes it so good is that they have got really good voices.

When Harry Met Sally – with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal

While out shopping for a wedding gift, these two get into singing. The song has an Oklahoma twang to it and goes down well with the other shoppers. The acting during the karaoke is great (performed by Harry) and it is an all-round great movie to watch if you enjoy Karaoke.

Rush Hour 2 – with Chris Tucker

The song in this movie is ‘Don’t stop till you get enough’ and Chris performs it very well. While he’s not Michael Jackson by any means, it’s a great scene and pure entertainment. The ladies in the club are certainly impressed with his singing skills!

PS I Love You – with Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler

This is an excellent chick-flick with uptight Hillary and overly raucous Gerard in a crowded karaoke bar. He dares her to get up and perform. In fact, he bets her $200. Ms Swank takes full advantage of the bet and pulls out a superb performance of singing along with lifting her shirt and lowering her skirt. She belts out Prince’s ‘Get off’ with gusto and it truly was a sexy performance until she trips over the microphone wires.

Cable Guy – with Jim Carrey

Who doesn’t love this guy! And love him even more when he throws his whole body into the song while trying to impress his new friend. He sings ‘Somebody to love’ with enthusiasm, complete with leather pants and swinging hips. The karaoke song was so good that it became the soundtrack of the movie.

500 Days of Summer -with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The singer is supposed to be very drunk when he attacks ‘Here comes your man’ but he turns out a great effort, probably because he can in real life sing very well. He is egged on by Summer, who will eventually break his heart, but the karaoke scene is great to watch.

To sum up

If you plan to make karaoke a part of your life, then you should invest in a good quality karaoke microphone. It may be worth taking your own mic with you when you head out for an evening of entertainment. This way, your audience will hear the best you can deliver, and you may not wake up in the morning wondering about the night before!




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