Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 – What are the most memorable moments?

Season 16 of the American television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy premiered on September 26, 2019 on ABC. ABC Studios produced it in association with Shondaland Production Company and Entertainment One Television. You can watch grey’s anatomy season 16 online

The series is based on surgical interns, residents, fellows and attendings that go through difficult moments of their careers. It is in the surgical wing setting of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The Hospital is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. The overall series of Grey’s Anatomy has a total of 355 episodes with season 16 having 13 episodes.

Breakup between Jackson and Maggie

In this season, we see Alex drop Jo at a psychiatric facility for a period of 30 days. On the other part, the search for Jackson is still on after disappearing into the fog and luckily Maggie finds him alive assisting two rock climbers who had fallen from the cliff. Later on, Maggie and Jackson break up with Jackson finding solace with Vic, a firefighter. The breakup between the two was caused by Jackson leaving her in the car alone which she never recovered from.

Owen has tried several times to help Teddy with their new-born, Allison but it doesn’t go well with him. He finally lets her know that he wants to be close to her. Richard lost his job in hospital but he does a job making house visits. Koracick earns a promotion as Chief Medical Officer of the Fox Foundation.


Jo and Alex didn’t have any paperwork to prove they were legally bound in their marriage so, when Jo is left in the facility, she has no hold of Alex when she sees him off. When Jo has finished her treatment, she meets with Alex at the front door. Alex proposes to her and Jo accepts.

Alex gets a new job

Meanwhile, Alex got a new job as chief of surgery at Pac North hospital. It is known as the worst hospital in Washington but not as worse as that which McDreamy lost his life. He hires Richard immediately. Alex offers Jo a job at Pac North but she takes the position as an attending at Grey Sloan. This is after giving Bailey an ultimatum.

Medical licence in jeopardy

Andrew is released from jail after it is confirmed that Meredith was the one who masterminded the insurance fraud in an attempt to save a patient. Meredith therefore is sentenced to court-ordered community service while waiting for an outcome. Her medical license was now under the medical board that was going to take action against it. She later learns that the hearing will be within three months.

We realise that in episode 2, Meredith is treating people outside the hospital. Meanwhile, after realising that her community service supervisor, Robin, has cancer, Meredith goes public claiming inequality in the healthcare system. The reputation of Grey Sloan is therefore put on the line. Meanwhile, Bailey unwillingly names Andrew as chief resident and this creates a panic. Koracick on his part decides to operate a cancer patient free of charge so that he can get a good publicity for the hospital but it doesn’t go well between him and Jackson.


Amelia discovers that she is pregnant even though she had decided to take it slow. She lets Link know about it and the difficult time she had with Christopher. The two decide to keep the baby amid fears between them. Koracick and Owen aren’t in good terms at all but eventually koracick manages to get a restraining order against Owen after the accidental taser.

The surgery

We can see a patient, Lissa Ann attempting to leave the hospital if she is not attended to by Meredith. Jo decides to speak to Meredith’s patient so that he can accept a procedure done without her. It leads to Jo suggesting a video conferencing with Meredith who is well respected for her job. Meredith is to offer her expertise outside the procedure room of Grey Sloan. The video conferring shows her in bright orange community service vest and she guides a number of surgeons in the procedure room

This is the first surgery of Jo as an attending and after it is done, Qadri goes ahead to enquire from Bailey the reason why he fired Meredith. She is fired as well. Earlier on, Andrew had accused Bailey of deciding to have Helm do the surgery than him. This is because of the relationship they had with Meredith.

Other memorable moments

Maggie and Teddy are seen treating a patient who was hit by a stowaway that fell from a moving aeroplane. Link is trying to calm down the boyfriend of the woman being attended to in the room. Owen accepts the head of Trauma position at Pac North after spending his paternity leave with Alex and Richard.

Link opens up to Amelia about his feelings for her and Meredith and Andrew are at each other about her behaviour that has caused trouble with court once more.

Sabbie, Maggie’s cousin and niece to Richard shows up at the hospital with a large tumour around her heart. It comes as a surprise and due to conflict of interest Sabbie doesn’t want Maggie to operate on her. Eventually she accepts the procedure after permission from the father. Unfortunately Sabbie dies in the operating room as a result of blood clotting. Maggie shares the bad news with Sabbie’s father but with a lot of guilt.

Amelia meets with Owen at Pac North and opens up to him about the baby she has with Link. Owen becomes frustrated and he takes it to the patient they are treating who fell on the stairs while attempting an abortion. Fortunately, Amelia comes to the rescue of the matter.

Meredith’s hearing

Grey Sloan’s surgeons meet to give a ruling whether Meredith should keep her medical licence or not. Meredith realizes that Dr Paul is amongst the judges and this is a doctor who declined a head CT for Derek who unfortunately died. Andrew, Alex and Owen give positive testimonies but isn’t enough to protect Meredith’s case. The opposing council tracks years of Meredith’s behaviours in the hospital and the trial is postponed.

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