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These Hemp Products Are Changing Our World

Hemp is one of the oldest domesticated crops in human history. In addition to its valuable hemp oil extract that produces CBD Oil, the plant has been used for thousands of years it’s been used to make things like textiles, paper and other materials. In today’s society, industrial hemp is grown as a renewable resource for raw materials that has been show to make thousands upon thousands of different products! Below we explore some of the most popular hemp products along with some you may have never considered.

Extracted Oil

Both the hemp plant itself and the hemp plant’s seeds have value and many uses. The hemp plant produces a variety of Hemp Oils including Hemp Seed Oil, which can be both unrefined through cold-press and refined as well. The unrefined style preserves much of the nutritious content and value. Refined hemp seed oil is clear and colorless with less flavor and is often used in body care products, fuel, lubricants and even some forms of plastics.

Hemp Oil Extract is derived from the flowers, stalks and other elements of the Hemp plant to extract Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil. This is the non psychoactive cannabinoid that is derived for medical uses. CBD Oil has been shown to provide safe and effective release for patients who suffer from epilepsy and cancer.


Hemp Eyewear recently debuted their hemp-based sunglasses frame that is made from an industrial hemp fiber composite. They claim to be durable and long-lasting and we can attest to their style. The company raised $50,000 on Kickstarter and has recently begun shipping the product.

Another eyewear provider in the hemp space is Bosky Ski Goggles. The frame is a flexible plant-based urethane with a tear-resistant hemp ventilation system. Another perk is that Bosky is the first polyurethane foam-free product in the crowded ski goggle space that has made it to market containing hemp.


Unbeknownst to those not named Michael Scott or Jim Halpert is that Hemp has been an ingredient in the papermaking process since the Chinese began nearly 2,000 years ago. That’s right, TWO THOUSAND YEARS. Why then for the past 150+ years has hemp been virtually eliminated from the process? Wood-based pulping took over, and no one looked back.

Hemp has been making a comeback with specialty papers and new techniques for processing. Many are looking at ways to incorporate hemp into their processing including paper for art, packaging stock, tissue, and more.

Hemp Composites for Vehicles

Nearly 150 years ago the great Henry Ford had a vision to “grow cars from the soil.” He believed in hemp, and while some luxury manufacturers like Mercedes and BMW have used hemp-composites in door paneling and other plastic molding, others like Jaguar and Volkswagen have even included in the upholstery.

Some aircraft manufacturers are currently looking to include more hemp and natural fiber products in their designs, and Renew Sports Car is a lightweight, low-carbon body footprint that is made from hemp and can be configured in gas or electric versions with over 500 horsepower!

Hemp Building Materials

When hemp hurd, also known as shives or hemp wood, is mixed with lime, one of the greatest building materials known to man is created – Hempcrete! Hemp Hurds consist of the woody inner portion of the hemp stalk that is broken into pieces and separated from the fiber in the processes of breaking and scutching.

As sustainable building practices increase, the need and desire to use more resource-efficient materials in construction, renovation, operation and maintenance rises. Hemp fiber and hurd is producing dozens of products that are environmentally superior to wood.

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