‘Locke and Key’ Reborn as New Pilot at Hulu under Joe Hill and Carlton Cuse

The popular comic series ‘Locke and Key’ will get a second shot at life on television via Hulu…

‘Locke and Key’ will get another shot at a television series.

The cult classic comic book has been ordered to a pilot for Hulu with creator Joe Hill and uber producer Carlton Cuse on board for the series.

‘Locke and Key’ follows the story of a family in the wake of tragedy after the patriarch of the clan is murdered, which results in a move from California to Massachusetts and an inherited old home where they now live. The home known as ‘Key House’ is not only all sorts of spooky but also contains a set of mysterious keys that open doors throughout the house, which leads to all sorts of strange happenings and mystical discoveries.

FOX actually produced a pilot for ‘Locke and Key’ back in 2010 with Mark Pellegrino, Miranda Otto, Jesse McCartney, Sarah Bolger, Skylar Gaertner and Nick Stahl starring in the lone episode that was filmed. The pilot was later screened at San Diego Comic Con in 2011 — and as one of the people lucky enough to see it, let’s just say it’s unfortunate that the show didn’t get to continue.

But now the series lives again with ‘Locke and Key’ creator Joe Hill as well as Cuse on board to produce the show for Hulu. Scott Derrickson — who just directed ‘Doctor Strange’ — will direct the pilot episode with hopes that the series gets picked up by Hulu.

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