The 7 Most Popular TV Shows Among Australian College Students

College students must easily be the ones who watch the most TV shows among all. Regardless of whether you are buried with assignments and papers due, or it’s right before your finals, you are always up for binge-watching your favorite show or starting a new one. When you spend hours reading and writing, online and offline, a few hours of breaks in between is well-deserved, isn’t it?

TV shows about college are the best to watch among all because you can relate to it, right? You see a scene and have a flashback because it totally happened to you too! Shows about college are the absolute best if you ask us! Listed are a few TV shows and series that have been widely watched and preferred by college students in Australia.

1.  MasterChef Australia

Who does not enjoy watching tasty food being cooked? Not us! To watch home cooks whip up 5-star worthy dishes, while munching on your favorite (yet mediocre) snack sure sounds like an evening well spent. MasterChef Australia is considered the best among all in the MasterChef franchise.

2.  Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama based on George R. R. Martin’s series of novels. Dragons spitting fire, dead people marching, prophecies and power play; what is there not to like? This is nowhere near to being considered among college TV shows, but it is easily loved by college students. Obviously, who wouldn’t love relaxing with lots of snacks without having to worry about writing assignments and working on papers due, right? But it almost impossible to keep up with all deadlines and find some time to enjoy your favourite series being a college student. If only you could find a solution online where you could pay someone to write your essay. Now, you can pay for essay here, so you will be able to forget about it for a while, relax and enjoy the break you rightfully earned.

3.  Dancing with the Stars

This Logie Award-winning reality entertainment show pairs celebrities and public figures with professional dancers. They compete against one another, eliminations take place every week based on judges’ scores and public voting. We sure like kicking back and relaxing while people glide and sprint gracefully to entertain us and it turns out most college students do too.

4.  Be Dragons

Be Dragons is a documentary series based on several youths who had been deprived of opportunities in participating in sports. This series portrays players as they share their journey and obstacles they faced to achieve what they have. This is popular among students as this documentary showcases sportsmanship, friendship, struggles, and is inspirational.

5.  Australian Ninja Warrior

This hit sports entertainment competition is thrilling and fun to watch. Several competitors face a series of rigorous obstacles they have to overcome to become the Australian Ninja Warrior. It sure is fun to watch this at the comfort of your couch and yelling at the participants to perform a certain way! However, if you would rather watch TV but you still have writing to do and papers to complete, go to a platform where you can pay to write essay for you, give your requirements, put your feet up and relax! You will surely get what you are looking for since you pay for essay!

6.  Wentworth Prison

Wentworth Prison popularly known as Wentworth is a drama series. It is based on the life of Bea Smith who has been sent to prison to wait for her trial for the attempted murder of her husband. It focuses on how she has to be ‘tough’ to survive in prison. This series is rather thrilling and fun in the meantime.

7.  Glitch

Set on a fictional town called Yoorana, Victoria, this series is based on seven people who come back from the dead, good as new but with no memory whatsoever. The mystery of how that happened remains. It is always a treat to watch somewhat paranormal and mind-blowing mysteries that come from beyond the graves.

If you haven’t watched any one of the listed shows, what are you waiting for? Granted these aren’t TV shows about college but are definitely well worth your time. Wouldn’t it be better though if our lives were better than college TV shows?

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