The Actors and Actresses You’re Most Likely to See in a Bad Movie

No actor or actress signs up for a movie just assuming it’s going to be received poorly by critics or audiences but it seems to happen disproportionately to several people in Hollywood.

Acting is ultimately an art form but often times the script-to-screen process ends up with a much different film that originally intended or perhaps the direction and production just falls apart.

Then again, it might just be a tendency to select the wrong roles.

Critics can be particularly harsh when a film is truly terrible and that can ultimately affect how audiences decide to actually go see a movie in theaters. After a number of critical disasters, some actors and actresses start wearing that moniker like a scarlet ‘A’ on their chest as the bad movies just continue to pile up.

Based on aggregate reviews from positive to overwhelmingly negative, former “Saturday Night Live” star Rob Schneider is the actor in Hollywood most likely to star in a critical flop.

According to Bingofind, which broke down and added up the numbers, Schneider has an abysmal 65 percent of his films reviewed with negative ratings. He also only hits 35 percent when it comes to mixed reviews.

To make matters even worse, the “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo” star has yet to see a truly positive review for any film in his catalog. With movies decorating his IMDB page such as “The Hot Chick” and “American Crude” it’s hard to understand why Schneider has struggled so hard with critics.

When it comes to actresses most likely to star in films that critics have a hard time offering a positive review, former Disney star Hillary Duff lands at the top of the list.

Early in her career, Duff starred in most kid friendly features capitalizing on her success from starring as “Lizzie McGuire” but like many former Disney child stars, she didn’t seem to graduate to more sophisticated roles later in life.

She starred in the film “Material Girls,” which bombed at the box office and reviewers weren’t much happier with the movie. The film review site Rotten Tomatoes ranked “Material Girls” 46th in the 100 worst reviewed films of the 200s with a rating of 4 percent. Duff also received a Razzie Award nomination for Worst Actress.

In terms of overall bad reviews, Duff scored lower than Schneider with 69 percent of her films receiving negative marks from critics.

The rest of the top five for both actors and actresses can be found on the same list.

Now on a more positive note — there are also plenty of thespians who constantly seem to turn in award worthy performances, which probably speaks to their selection in the material they choose to star in.

It shouldn’t be a massive surprise that three-time Oscar winner and six-time Academy Award nominee Daniel Day-Lewis sits at the top of the list for actors most likely to star in a critical hit.

Day-Lewis has been notoriously selective with the roles he takes, which means whenever he does appear on screen there’s a good chance it’s going to be a well-received movie. He’s received rave reviews for his work on films such as “Gangs of New York” where he teamed with famed director Martin Scorcese as well as “There Will Be Blood,” which teamed him up with Paul Thomas Anderson in one of two films they’ve done together.

He even starred as President Abraham Lincoln in the 2012 film “Lincoln,” which earned him a number of award nominations.

For his entire career, Day-Lewis has 81 percent positive reviews for his work with only 19 percent coming back with mixed reviews. Those numbers quickly add up to show he’s never had a single film in his career receive a truly negative review.

As far as actresses go, Carey Mulligan sits at the top of the list for best reviewed films throughout her career. Much like Day-Lewis, Mulligan is particular about the roles she takes and while she’s starred in big budget box office films like “The Great Gatsby,” she typically sticks to more independent features.

She received rave reviews for a supporting role in the film “Drive” where she starred opposite Ryan Gosling as well as the Joel and Ethan Coen movie “Inside Llewyn Davis.” She was also nominated for an Academy Award for her work on “An Education” and she’s been nominated for numerous other awards for films such as “Mudbound” and “Skylight” as well.

She sits at 71 percent positive reviews for her career with 29 percent mixed reviews, which once again means she’s never been subject to a critical disaster since becoming an A-list star in Hollywood.

To see the rest of the top five for both the actors and actresses you’re most likely to see in the best and worst movies, make sure to check out the full list.

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