The Best Live Blackjack Games to Play with Friends to Beat Lockdown Boredom

In these unprecedented times, many people are searching for fun activities to do whilst locked down in their own homes – and most of these involve the internet! However, if you’re bored of making Tik Toks, or hosting pub quizzes for friends and family over Zoom, then why not head over to an online casino and sit around a virtual, yet live, table, and enjoy casino Blackjack at home! If that sounds like something you and your mates would be interested in – whether you’re novices’ or local brick-and-mortar regulars – read on to find out about the best live Blackjack games around!

Live Quantum Blackjack

In Quantum Blackjack, the game’s classic rules apply, except there’s a few modernised twists! In this game – which is brought to you by the ever-popular gaming developers Playtech – Quantum Multipliers can boost your winning when you beat the dealer with a hand containing one or more Quantum Multiplier cards.

A total of three multiplier cards – which can multiply your initial wager by 3x, 5x and 10x – can be in play on the table in each round. These apply only to the main bet and not to side bets, and, to make things even better, these are of no advantage to the dealer whatsoever! As soon as you’ve placed your bets for the up-and-coming round, up to three multiplier cards are chosen at random from the deck of digital cards. If your hand was to beat the dealer’s, and you have one (or more) of the multiplier cards, then your winnings are ramped up by the multiplier displayed. However, when this happens your initial bet will not be returned.

You can still, of course, place side bets in this eight-decked game – and there’s a vast range of bets for you to place, including pair-based bonuses focusing on identical cards, colours and numbers. The popular 21+3 side bet is also at your peril.

An unlimited number of players can play this game at once. So, grab as many of your mates as possible and try to beat the dealer, whilst hopefully enhancing your bankroll!

Live All Bets Blackjack

The classic rules apply in this Blackjack game – get your cards to reach the value of 21 (or as close to as possible). You can split your hand, double down and even take insurance, if the dealer’s up-facing card is an Ace. However, the difference is Live All Bets Blackjack is jam-packed with several side bets – five to be specific, as detailed below:

  1. Pairs – Pair betting includes, Player’s Pair, Dealer’s Pairs, Perfect Pairs, Coloured Pairs and Red/Black Pair.
  2. 21+3 – The 21+3 side bet is when you make a three-card poker hand using your initial cards and the dealer’s up-facing card.
  3. Top 3 – The Top 3 side bet follows the same rules as the 21+3 feature. However, you must make up one of the top 3 poker hands (suited three-of-a-kind, straight flush or three-of-a-kind.)
  4. Buster Blackjack – This side bet is simply betting whether or not the dealer will bust in the up-and-coming round.
  5. Lucky Lucky – This side bet pays out if your hand and the dealer’s up-facing card match these combinations; suited 777, suited 678, 777, 678, 21, any 20 and or any 19 combination.

Similarly to Quantum Roulette, an unlimited amount of players can join in the fun with this game!

Of course, there are standard Blackjack tables online that you and your mates can gather around, however, make sure there’s enough free seats!

So, what are you waiting for? Gather up your pals and get playing!

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