The Impact of Online Gaming: The Benefits to Society

While it is highly desirable to note that Covid-19 is ravaging different parts of the world in numerous ways, individuals have now developed different ways of avoiding boredom, while having so much fun. Now, the propensity to play games and watch movies has increased worldwide, and it is not difficult to see why. Playing video games online has been found as an avenue to catch up with the world in various areas. 

Just like social media platforms help foster relationships, online gaming has proven to be an effective societal conjunction tool. Different countries, tribes, and ethnic groups are often connected when they meet to play games online. Beyond the competitiveness that comes with it, individuals who have probably never met themselves get to pool together and play in teams to achieve a common goal. In this review, we would be delving into the perceived usefulness of online gaming in modern society 

Fosters Unity

You’ve probably heard the cliché that has been long passed around that ‘nothing connects a group of people more than a common goal.’ In the process of gaming, as stated earlier, individuals are allowed to interact, meet virtually, and pursue goals that are common to all and sundry. This way, they know they need to work together at times to achieve their common goal, which is winning. Also, countries that do not exactly have friendly relations with each other do not hamper online gamers’ success going forward. If anything, it promotes a spirit of unity and cohesion, and this certainly cannot be overlooked as an effective yardstick. Gamers have been noted to form serious, virtual, and healthy relationships with their co-gamers online many times, and this can only highlight the self-drawing nature of online gaming. 

Intellectual Development

This is probably one area you’re not exactly used to or heard much about. If you were told today that playing games online could also help your ward, sibling, or friend’s intellectual development, would you be willing to accept that fact? It has been proven that there is an indirect link between the mental perception of a child and the activities the child engages him/herself in. Researchers have come out to note that children who had a good time playing video games tended to experience an increase in their overall mental perception. This is because certain games can enact real-life situations and offer a child the options that would be otherwise applicable. 

As an alternative to gaming, individuals can also try their luck at gambling by clicking here, as this is another way through which they can stay entertained while still making some money in the process. Contrary to the notions that violent games have a direct link between children becoming opposed to violence in real-time, gamers have claimed they don’t feel inclined to engage in violence because of the types of games they play. Hence, according to a research carried out by Qutee, about 93% of individuals who play games claim it is incorrect to assume that they are more likely to practice violence because they played violent online video games. 

Reduces Cyber-frauds 

Now, this is one aspect you don’t always hear on the news or read in the blogs. It has also been proven that certain individuals liked playing games online in carrying out fraudulent activities online. It is a fact that in other to play video games online, and you need to have a good and strong internet connection. Many youths have often claimed that they entertain the idea of playing games with different players across different locations to engaging in cyber-crime. This is one good reason why we need to start encouraging our youths to play games online more. Although they don’t get to make the unlawful and ridiculous money that comes with defrauding people online, it is a good medium through which healthy and sometimes long-lasting relationships can be formed.

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