Wagering Requirements and Online Slots

Almost any bonus claimed at any online casino will come with some form of wagering requirements. They dictate that players need to wager their bonus amount and sometimes bonus and deposit totals too, several times before withdrawing any winnings they make from the bonus.


Wagering requirements can be deemed as unpleasant as they are enforced to stop the player claiming a huge cash bonus and walking away with it, in essence the casinos money and then offering nothing in return. With a wagering requirement the player has to continue to spend the bonus cash within the casino – follow this link.


The player can withdraw their winnings, however, only once the minimum wagering requirement has been met. The majority of casinos and online slot games will happily disclose how much the player has left before they have met the minimum wagering requirements, usually via the account page or the withdrawal screen or at a push the player can call the casinos customer service centre.


There is a way to reduce the wagering requirements, however, the player simply needs to wager on more games. Online slots do work better than table games but a progressive jackpot slot does not count towards lowering the wagering requirement.


If a player wagers the bonus and deposit amount a particular number of times then they will nullify the wagering requirements. For example, to claim a deposit bonus of £100 and the wagering requirements are twenty times the bonus then the player needs to wager the £100 twenty times before a withdrawal can be made. Most casinos will have wagering requirements of twenty or forty times the bonus amount but it is not uncommon for the wagering requirements to be much higher than this.


There are wager free casino bonus offers. These are as it suggests, a casino bonus offer without a minimum wagering requirement. The player can withdraw the cash as soon as they win without any penalties, however, the wins will usually be on the small side and not of a worthy amount. Usually though the bonus offers will not be deposit dependent and therefore no deposit will be necessary. Alternatively they may also be offered as a wager free bonus free spin.


Naturally this is an attractive way for the casinos and online slot games to lure new players to their websites and their games. Any wins materialising from the free spins or bonus offers can be withdrawn immediately but some games and casinos will ask the player to make a deposit first.


A non-sticky bonus sometimes known as a parachute bonus can avoid minimum wagering requirements simply by allowing the player to use their own funds initially and then the bonus funds once their own funds have been used. This means that any win early on can be claimed immediately and the player can walk away with the winnings.


Casinos, online slots and other games that have a minimum wagering requirement aren’t just holding the player into the game, the wagering requirement can also be implemented to combat money laundering.


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