‘Westworld’ Adds Several Cast Members Including Boardwalk Empire’s Jeffrey Wright

J.J. Abrams latest sci-fi television show has added a more stars to the freshman season including noted actor Jeffrey Wright….

‘Westworld’ — based on the Michael Crichton story about a theme park with robots who help act out huge elaborate themes before eventually malfunctioning and causing a whole lot of mayhem — already scored huge with the announcement that Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood will be playing two of the featured roles in the debut season.

Now the series, which is only currently scheduled for a pilot at HBO, has added several other high profile names including ‘Boardwalk Empire’ star Jeffrey Wright.

Also known for his parts in films such as ‘Syriana’, Wright is one of the best actors working on television today and received rave reviews for his portrayal of Dr. Valentin Narcisse in ‘Boardwalk Empire’. Now with that show wrapping up with its final season debuting in September, Wright has already found his next project with Abrams and fellow co-producer Jerry Weintraub bringing ‘Westworld’ to life on HBO.

Here’s a list of all the new actors and the parts they will be playing on the upcoming season:

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe: “The brilliant and quixotic head of the park’s Programming Division, Bernard’s keen observation of human nature provides him with boundless inspiration for his life’s work—creating artificial people.”

Rodrigo Santoro (Focus, The 33) as Harlan Bell: “Terrifying and brutal, with a dark sense of humor, Harlan is Westworld’s perennial “Most Wanted” bandit. He subscribes to the theory that the West is a wild place, and the only way to survive is to embrace the role of predator.”

Shannon Woodward (Raising Hope) as Elsie King: “A sardonic rising star in the Programming division, Elsie is charged with diagnosing the odd quirks of behaviors in the park’s hosts.”

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (Hercules, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters) as Armistice: “A savage fighter and brutal bandit, her ruthlessness with her victims is surpassed only by her abiding loyalty to her fellow outlaws.”

Angela Sarafyan (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2) as Clementine Pennyfeather: “One of Westworld’s most popular attractions, every aspect of Clementine is perfectly beguiling, by design.”

Simon Quarterman (The Devil Inside) as Lee Sizemore: “The narrative director of Westworld, his inspired story lines consistently delight or terrify the guests—and his artistic temperament consistently grates on his colleagues.”

The original 1973 movie was a cult classic and the new series while only currently picked up for a pilot episode is more than likely to get added to HBO’s lineup of shows for 2015.

H/T: EW.com

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