The Terrifying First Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘It’ Has Arrived (VIDEO)

You’ll all float down here in the new trailer for Stephen King’s ‘It’….

The terrifying first trailer for the new adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’ has arrived.

The kids of Derry, Maine are being picked off one by one by a supernatural presence dressed as a clown named Pennywise and they are the only ones who could stop him.

While it took a lot for ‘It’ to finally come together after several delays and changes in directors, the film has finally been completed and it definitely looks like they pulled out all the stops to make this version as scary as possible.

‘It’ will be a two-part film — assuming the first movie does well of course — with the initial offering showcasing the children going up against Pennywise with the second installment serving as a rematch once those same kids are all grown up.

‘It’ hits theaters on September 8.

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