Alan Tudyk Debuts ‘Con Man’ Teaser After Indiegogo Campaign is Funded

Since it took less than 24 hours for Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion’s new project ‘Con Man’ to get funded, the actor released the first teaser for ‘Con Man’ as a reward….

If you’ve ever attended a convention whether it’s San Diego Comic Con or another local convention, this video will probably make a lot of sense to you (I’ve seen it happen and it’s down right frightening).

‘Con Man’ is the story of an actor who was on a popular sci-fi show cancelled far too soon and now his life mostly revolves around conventions and appearances where he makes a living as that guy from that thing on TV while his all-too famous co-star (played by Fillion) has gone on to huge success in film and TV.

Check out the first clip released on Friday and enjoy ‘Con Man’

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