Arrow Recap ‘The Candidate’: Anarky Rules

In the latest Arrow recap, there’s a new bad guy in town and there’s a new mayoral candidate in Star City….

By Chris Smolinski — special to Nerdcore Movement

There’s a new mayor in town, well maybe not.

So tonight’s episode, which was very good, had some new faces. We met a close friend of Moira’s, Jessica Danforth, and her daughter Madison. She announces that she is running for Mayor of Star City. At the press conference shots ring out, and after finding out it was an unmanned gun, Oliver fights off a guy that is trying to take Jessica. The guy eventually gets away, mainly because Oliver gets hit by a car.

Jessica is then taken to custody by the police, to keep her safe. Oliver soon realizes that her daughter, Madison is taken by the baddy, who we find out is Lonnie Machin, aka Anarky. He begins to torture Madison, but the team gets her out to safely.

We also meet Curtis Holt, a backup smart guy, who has a plan to help the failing Palmer tech, but the board makes him use his powers for bad, see what I did there, and he basically makes a list of people who need to get fired. Felicity struggles through-out the episode firing people, she is the new CEO, but really not wanting to.

She even has to fire Holt, well he actually makes it easy on her and he fires himself. By the end of the show Felicity hires everyone back and says that Holt is working on a new piece of tech that will revolutionize the tech world. This buys her some time with the board, and she has Holt get on it right away.

Thea is slowly taking steps towards the dark side. Oliver tries to intervene and they end up tussling for a bit. Oliver is worried about who Thea is now that she is a product of the pits. They have a few moments, some good and some bad throughout the show. After she almost kills Anarky, Laurel says she is going to take Thea away to treat her to a spa weekend.

Speaking of Laurel, she has a talk with Thea about these pits. Laurel gets a very bad idea, and she talks Thea into helping her dig up Sara and taking her to Nanda Parbat to help both Thea, and possibly Sara as well.

We catch a few quick scenes with Damian, but he isn’t impressed with Anarky’s type of play. He also has a run in with a very pissed off Lance. After informing Lance that he should respect Darhk a bit more, he hands him the address where Anarky is keeping Madison.

Oliver’s flashbacks: After hitting the island, he is caught by a military-ish looking guy, who he dispatches quickly. Then he finds a flower/seed, or something farm. People are picking through it as the military-ish guys watch. Oliver gets a message to infiltrate so he makes himself look like he is still stranded and throws the guy on a landmine. He then gets in with the baddies, and they take him to the leader. The leader employs Oli and now he is one of the baddies.

Overall, I give this episode a solid 8 out of 10. Oliver and Felicity are still trying to adjust to the team, and the team is trying to adjust to them, well mainly Oliver. Anarky is going to be tough to handle, and now Oliver wants to run for mayor. Maybe that is what leads to the death we saw in the first episode.

Next week: A man covered in card tattoos, oh by the way he can pull them off and throw them, comes to town.

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