Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare First Impressions

So for the first article I have written for the Nerdcore Movement I decided to hold myself to a rule:

Rule 1: No mentioning that this game looks like Titanfall 2… Well damn, there goes the rule.

On second thought, I don’t think the above statement is really all that fair. In fact, from all the content and trailers I have seen thus far, this game could easily be called Crysis 4 or even House of Cards season 3.

Now for this article I could write about how Call of Duty is ripping off Titanfall, or vice versa for that matter. But really at the end of the day there are 248 comments on any related trailer on YouTube that say the same thing. Instead, I want to focus on a few different things that I think are interesting from a business point of jumping castle for sale

The view in question, is the penis measuring contest between EA and Activition.   It’s no secret that the Battlefield series and the Call of Duty series are very much in competition with one another. There has always been a very big line drawn between the two games series.

The multiplayer of Call of Duty has always reminded me of the arcade shooters I played when I was a young. Fast and solo player oriented. The multiplayer of Battlefield, on the other hand, seems very team orientated, emphasizing the use vehicles and your surroundings to gain an advantage. What I find strange is this last attempt by the new studio, Sledgehammer games, seems to really blur that line. Then again, all this is based off a game that isn’t released until November of this year.

During the reveal of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, it was stated that “…Xbox owners will be the first to play all the add on content…”

Why? Coming from an Xbox One owner, why would the first add on content be released to Xbox owners? It has been stated by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer that Xbox One is the “underdog” in the console wars.

Titanfall was released as a console exclusive for Xbox. This was an attempt by Microsoft to provide gamers with a compelling exclusive to encourage sales. Considering PS4’s thorough lashing of Xbox One in sales, this attempt was largely flaccid.

Considering PS4’s market share, Call of Duty not giving Sony gamers a little somethin’ somethin’ is leaving a bunch of sales on the table. This is a missed opportunity for Call of Duty to further widen its lead over Battlefield.

Then again I’m just 25 year old that makes YouTube videos with absolutely no qualification in business , I mean as I’m writing this I’m not even wearing pants. Wow, somewhere along here I really got off topic… Oh yeah the game.

Based off the game footage that was released at GamesCon, the graphics in the game look great. It seems that Sledgehammer Games is going out of their way to utilize the new console generation’s hardware. The game itself looks extremely fast pace and intense like most Call of Duty games have been, except this one they turned it up to eleven and ripped the knob off.

Adding gameplay elements like jetpacks, double jumping, and air dashing add a Z-axis to the series that has been previously absent. The few maps that were shown at GamesCon are very interactive and seemed to add a lot to the gameplay.

As for the single player, I am very interested to see how the story will unfold. I am a huge Kevin Spacey fan and the fact that he is literally playing himself is kind of a mixed bag. But I find it a little unfair to prejudge that till it comes out.Jeux gonflables

On that note, In Frank Underwood we trust.

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  1. Thenewnantroll
    Aug 14, 2014 - 07:53 PM

    Almost every game looks like a knock off of a different games. Lets face it Cod whiners want a completely different game. While people who actually play Cod like Cod the way it is, only with a few new features(like they are doing).

  2. Ivan Johnson
    Aug 16, 2014 - 01:26 PM

    Everybody seem to focus on the double jump and jet packs. COD does have other features that are not only any other game. Hovering in midair, variable granades. Maybe stop looking at it as double jump and jumping high. Look at it as they just have the exoskeleton and jet pack. What else are you gonna do with it?