Facebook Phenomenon ‘I F–king Love Science’ Coming to Television in 2014

With Cosmos about to debut on FOX Sunday night, the science community is getting another big show in 2014 with a Facebook page turned cult hit coming to the Science channel…

Never underestimate the power of a good Facebook page.

The popular hit ‘I F–king Love Science’ has over 10 million likes on Facebook posting articles, pictures and videos surrounding the wonderful and awe inspiring world of science each day, and now the page has gotten so popular there will be a TV series created in its image.

“I F–king Love Science’ will be produced by late night talk show host Craig Ferguson for the Science Channel with an expected debut date later this year.

“If you know anything about me, you know I love science,” said Ferguson at the SXSW Festival over the weekend. “Science has a naughty secret — it’s that all things are connected. And this show is going to explore the randomness of science. Think of it as a late night Google search that goes a hundred pages deep until things get weird — and then you just keep going. And there is no better partner for this kind of smart entertainment like Science Channel and Elise.”

Elise Andrews is the British biology student who started the page in 2012 and said in her own blog that she will be a consulting producer on the series that will focus on experiments and other science related news.

“With this new venture, we’ll be able to reach million of new people and show them exactly why science is so damn exciting,” Andrews said.

Production on the series will begin this summer with a third or fourth quarter launch in 2014.

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