‘Game of Thrones’ Actor J.J. Murphy Dies Filming Season 5, HBO Will Not Re-Cast Part

Veteran Irish actor J.J. Murphy passed away this week while filming scenes for season 5 of Game of Thrones…

‘Game of Thrones’ season 5 has picked up production with sets in several different spots around the world, but tragedy struck one of them this week as veteran actor J.J. Murphy passed away just four days into filming season 5.

Murphy had been a new cast member joining the show this season playing Ser Denys Mallister, the oldest living member of The Night’s Watch and the Lord Commander over the Shadow Tower, one of the last remaining strong holds for the centuries old army.

According to several reports, Murphy collapsed and died on Friday while filming the show in Northern Ireland. He was 86.

There’s been no word from ‘Game of Thrones’ producers whether or not Murphy’s scenes will remain in the show or if they will re-cast the part with his passing. Murphy was expected to film several more scenes while shooting season 5 of the series.

Murphy is survived by his wife Mary and their children.

UPDATE: HBO made a statement following this initial news about Murphy’s passing.  According to the show runners, the part Murphy was playing will not be re-cast and the show will go forward as is.

“We will not be recasting J.J. Murphy. He was a lovely man, and the best Denys Mallister we could have hoped for. And now his watch is ended,” said co-show runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss in the statement.


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