How Time Travel Is Actually Possible From a Scientific Standpoint (Video)

Movies, books, televisions shows and comics alike have used time travel as a mechanism of story telling for centuries but is the concept actually plausible scientifically?

Everyone has heard theories about time travel before, especially when they are theorized and created in movies, TV and other mediums where the concept is often used during story telling.

From a scientific viewpoint, time travel is actually a theory physicists have visited and re-visited for years, but of course no one has actually traveled in time so it’s still only a work in progress.

But how would time travel actually work? Could you go back and see yourself as a kid or could you jump to the future and see a new world before your very eyes?

Famed theoretical physicist Brian Greene explains how time travel works and what you’d have to do to actually jump ahead days, months or even years…

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