‘Lucifer’ from DC/Vertigo Comics Gets Pilot Order at FOX

DC Comics/Vertigo character ‘Lucifer’ is getting a pilot order for a new series at FOX….

‘Sandman’ creator Neil Gaiman has another of his infamous characters about to come to live on the small screen as ‘Lucifer’ has been picked up as a pilot order at FOX.

‘Lucifer’ is based on the concept that the lord of Hell abandons his post due to boredom before relocating to Earth to start a new life. In the comics he becomes the owner of a Los Angeles piano bar called ‘Lux’ but it seems the TV show has different ideas.

The concept according to TV Line will see Lucifer team up with the Los Angeles Police Department to help them punish criminals.

The series is being produced by Tom Kapinos (Californication) as well as Jerry Bruckheimer and Len Wiseman (Sleepy Hollow), who will direct the pilot.

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  1. LAB
    Feb 20, 2015 - 07:15 PM

    They’re making this a police procedural. Although I think it would be better with Lucifer running a nightclub, possibly in the seedy side of LA, I can kind of see why they’re going this route. It’s just weird that there’ll be a weekly big bad who ISN’T the devil.