Superman Origin Story ‘Krypton’ In the Works at SyFy

First there was Smallville tracking Superman’s life as he became a teenager and now a new series from SyFy titled ‘Krypton’ will take the mythology even further back….

It’s a Superman series without Superman, but ‘Krypton’ is currently in the works at SyFy from executive producer David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises) and Ian Goldberg (Once Upon a Time).

The story will be set on Superman’s home planet of Krypton following his grandfather and the House of El. The plot for the story is set years before Superman is born when the House of El has been shamed and ostracized and his grandfather tries to bring hope and equality to the planet.

Goldberg will be writing the pilot episode with the story he created alongside Goyer when pitching the new series.

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