The Flash Recap Season 2 Episode 4: ‘The Fury of Firestorm’

In The Flash recap, Team Barry gains a new ally and they have to fight a shark?!?….

By Chris Smolinski — special to Nerdcore Movement

New Firestorm

The team is rushing to figure out how to save Dr. Stein. They realize that the reason Stein is dying has to be the loss of Ronnie. They find only two viable candidates, Jefferson Jackson, a former Central City All-Star quarter back, who busted his knee during the explosion at STAR labs, and Henry Hewitt, a scientist and huge fan of Dr. Stein.

The team brings in Hewitt, and while him and Stein bond well mentally, their bodies do the opposite. Hewitt is furious that the experiment doesn’t work. He heads back to his own office. Henry’s boss is really getting under his skin, and he suddenly absorbs all the energy in the room and he uses it as a projectile. The experiment must have triggered his latent abilities.

The team then brings in their last hope at saving Stein, Mr. Jackson. He is misled to thinking that he is going to get his knee fixed, but in reality the team tells him the real reason he is there, to replace Ronnie. He has no desire to become a hero, and Caitlin only makes it worse when she yells at him for giving up an opportunity like this. The team sees Hewitt, and his new found power on TV, and Cait feels bad for what she did/said to Jefferson, so she visits him at his garage, and they have a nice little heart to heart.

Hewitt shows up, hell bent on getting Cait, but with a few smooth moves Jackson helps her escape back to STAR labs, where Jefferson is finally ready to make the attempted change. Just in the nick of time, for Steins sake as well as those of Central City High School. The team soon realizes that the angrier they get Hewitt, the more vulnerable he is.

So Barry and the NEW Firestorm resort to some old school name calling, and then Firestorm goes in for the final blow, saving the day. Stein has a quick little chat with Cisco, about not fearing his new found power, and they make their good-byes.

Family Time

Iris decides that she is going to meet up with her mother, but lets her know that she is very happy with the way things are, and have been. Mom ain’t having that though, and she tells Iris that she has MacGregor Syndrome, and won’t make it very much longer. After some digging, Iris finds out that she has a brother, Mom had another kid just a few months after leaving them.

Shark Attack

Barry and Patty have, in their own awkward way, flirting with each other, and Papa Joe is finally noticing. Barry is nervous to act on his new feelings, but Joe lets him know that his first love, Iris, will always be his first, but it is time to move on and find that next relationship.

Patty has been investigating a report of a live shark, as in two legs walking around Central City shark, and Barry has to now save her from it. Both Patty and Barry struggle to fight the monster, but a mystery man shows up to help. He informs Barry that the shark was sent by Zoom, and there may be another.

Just as he is about to leave, Barry catches him and pulls his mask. He reveals that it is Harrison Wells…

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