‘Westworld’ Adds More Cast Members Including James Marsden

The cast for the new HBO pilot ‘Westworld’ continues to grow with a huge list of new stars signing up to star in the series…

The futuristic theme park from hell experience that is ‘Westworld’ will surely be filled with recognizable faces as the series being produced by J.J. Abrams and Jerry Weintraub had added even more cast members to the series.

Anthony Hopkins has already signed on to lead the series along with Rachel Evan Wood, Jeffrey Wright and host of other notable names. Now you can add ‘X-Men’ star James Marsden to that list as well.

Marsden will be playing Teddy Flood, a mysterious new arrival to the frontier town with a ton of charm and a deadly revolver. From the sound of things, Marsden will be playing one of the robots programmed to interact with guests before something goes horribly wrong in the programming and the seemingly harmless androids start really hurting people.

Also confirmed for the cast (although their parts were not announced)

Eddie Rouse (Being Flynn), Demetrius Grosse (Banshee), Kyle Bornheimer (She’s Out of My League), Currie Graham (Murder in the First), Lena Georgas (Prime Suspect), Steven Ogg, and Timothy Lee DePriest.

‘Westworld’ picks up production this fall and has been ordered to pilot by HBO but no series order as of yet although given this cast, it seems like an impossibility the show won’t get picked up.

H/T: EW.com

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