‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Theme Won’t Be Revealed; Sarah Paulson Officially On Board

If you’re dying to find out the theme for ‘American Horror Story’ season 6 , you’ll just have to wait until September 14…

The speculation surrounding the theme for ‘American Horror Story’ season 6 has run rampant lately, especially after a series of teaser videos were released by FX a week ago with creepy themes ranging from a creepy demon baby to a smoldering farm house to shadowy people with glowing eyes.

The mystery got even deeper when set photos were revealed that teased a possible setting surrounding the Lost Colony where more than 100 settlers disappeared from Roanoke Island in the late 16th century and were never heard from again.

Well if you’ve got a guess about the theme for ‘American Horror Story’ season 6, keep guessing because no one will know for sure until the new season debuts on Wednesday night, September 14.

FX CEO John Landgraf revealed on Wednesday that the network decided alongside ‘American Horror Story’ creator Ryan Murphy to keep the theme for this season a complete secret until the show debuts.

“Every year, we lay out the themes and the new genre Ryan is going to be approaching; we thought it’d be fun [this year] to keep it a mystery — so we are,” Landgraf said.

Landgraf also stated that the videos already released along with a slew of trailers that are still coming to promote ‘American Horror Story’ season 6 will all showcase a different theme and story — but only one of them will actually be the real story for this season.

“There are many more trailers than you’ve actually seen for hypothetical seasons of American Horror Story — different genres, different places,” Landgraf said. “One of them is accurate — the others are all misdirects.”

While we still don’t know what ‘American Horror Story’ season 6 will be about, we do know for sure that Emmy nominated actress Sarah Paulson is returning to the show this season.

The story and the cast for this season have largely been kept under wraps, but now Paulson is confirmed to return alongside Cheyenne Jackson and Angela Bassett with Lady Gaga set to re-appear this season, although her level of involvement is still a mystery.

‘American Horror Story’ season 6 debuts on FX on September 14.

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