Harrison Ford Will Miss 8 Weeks of Filming ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ After Suffering Injury on Set

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ will have to continue filming for the next two months without Han Solo on board….

Harrison Ford recently suffered a broken ankle as a result of an accident on set while filming ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ and while the original diagnosis wasn’t expected to cause him to miss any time filming, that has now changed.

According to several media reports, Ford will miss about eight weeks of filming on the new ‘Star Wars’ film due to the broken ankle. Filming will continue between Abu Dhabi and London, but Ford’s injury won’t cause any serious delays in the movie production or release date for the film.

Ford is reprising his role playing Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars sequel set 30 years in the future after the events of ‘Return of the Jedi’.

Ford was apparently injured by a door on the Millennium Falcon, which is also expected to appear in the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ film directed by J.J. Abrams. Best wishes go out to Mr. Ford on a speedy recovery!

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