WATCH: Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers Trailer Debuts: The Colleens vs. The Bratzis (VIDEO)

We’ve got the first trailer for Kevin Smith’s new movie Yoga Hosers starring his daughter Harley Quinn Smith, Lily-Rose Depp and Johnny Depp…..

Nothing can quite prepare you for Kevin Smith’s latest odyssey north of the border as he travels to Canada with his latest horror-comedy film titled Yoga Hosers.

The film follows two convenience store clerks (yes, we said clerks) who run into a devilish encounter with foot-tall Nazi bratwurst called “Bratzis” who mean to take over the world.

If it sounds crazy that’s because it is crazy but it’s Smith’s homage to classic teen horror flicks and this one is packed full of his friends and family in this latest adventure of his “True North” trilogy along with Tusk (already released) and the upcoming Moose Jaws (which is just Jaws with a moose).

Before Yoga Hosers is released nationwide in July, Smith is touring the movie all over the country and doing a Q&A about the film before it opens everywhere after San Diego Comic Con 2016.

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