Kurt Sutter Teases Sons of Anarchy Spinoff ‘One Step Closer’ to Reality

It looks like the Sons of Anarchy spinoff about the Mayans motorcycle club is closer to reality than ever before….

Kurt Sutter is ready to dive back into the world of Sons of Anarchy with an upcoming spinoff series about the Mayan Motorcycle Club that first debuted in his long running FX series about the world of outlaw bikers in Northern California.

Sutter has been working on the Mayans spinoff for some time now and he tweeted out on Friday that it appears closer than ever to going to series.

There’s no official word on when or where the Mayans spinoff would take place, but previous statements from Sutter made it appear that the show wouldn’t interfere with any previous mythology that was already completed during the seven season run from Sons of Anarchy.

That means the Mayans Motorcycle Club spinoff could take place in another city far away from Charming with a different chapter entirely. Of course there’s always a chance that characters from Sons of Anarchy could appear in the spinoff including Mayans MC president Marcus Alvarez (played by Emilio Rivera).

Sutter has also said that he didn’t plan to be the show runner for the new Sons of Anarchy spinoff, only working on the series as a writer and advisor but from the look of things, he’s definitely deeply involved in the creation of the new show.

When Sons of Anarchy finished its run, it was the most popular show in FX history so diving back into that world with the Mayans spinoff would certainly be welcome news for fans.

Judging by Sutter’s tweet, Sons of Anarchy enthusiasts may not have to wait much longer until this story debuts on television.

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