Superman Prequel Krypton Ordered to Pilot on SyFy

The Superman prequel series from David S. Goyer has been given a pilot order at SyFy….

The concept of doing a Superman show without Superman might sound strange, but the people who pitched a Batman show without Batman probably thought the same thing until Gotham was renewed for a third season earlier this year.

So it stands to reason that David S. Goyer’s new series titled Krypton has been ordered to pilot at SyFy, with the story taking place long before Kal-El leaves his doomed home planet and becomes a hero on Earth.


The series is expected to revolve around Kal-El’s grandfather as he attempts to “redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved world from chaos”.

Clearly he doesn’t succeed in the long run because Krypton explodes and everybody on the planet outside of Kal-El is killed, but that’s neither here nor there and it will surely take several seasons (if picked up and renewed) to get to Krypton going boom.

Until then, the Superman prequel will be told without the Man of Steel anywhere in sight.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

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