‘80s Movies: The 5 Best Revealed

Are you an ‘80s kid? From neon spandex to mullets, there are probably things from that decade you’d rather forget. But we bet movies aren’t one of them. The ‘80s brought us some of cinema’s biggest blockbusters, many of which still top movie polls today.

It was the decade that a guy named Harry met a girl named Sally, and an eccentric trio started their own ghost busting enterprise. It was the decade that E.T. found his way home, and Luke Skywalker learnt the truth about his father.

Want to know the best ‘80s movies according to the entertainment experts? Check out our infographic that lists the top movies from the decade. It’s been put together by the guys from bgo.com to celebrate the release of Gremlins, their new slot game based on the classic horror comedy. 

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