‘American Gods’: What To Expect in Season 2

‘American Gods’ came to an end on Sunday with an explosive finale but what’s in store for season 2?

Odin was revealed. Easter laid waste to the land and the war was officially started between the old gods and the new.

That’s just a slice of what unfolded during the ‘American Gods’ season one finale on Sunday night on Starz as the ambitious series based on Neil Gaiman’s book came to a close until next year.

The final sequences revealed that Mr. Wednesday is actually Odin and after he rained down lightning from the sky, he made a believer out of Shadow Moon, who has been following him around all season with a lot of questions and very few answers until now. Meanwhile, Ostara aka Easter was pulled into the war after Mr. Wednesday reminded her that she was once worshipped for her powers of life and regeneration before the Christians came along and passed off Jesus as the savior to take her place.

Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney arrived at Ostara’s house where Shadow’s dearly departed wife discovered that it was Mr. Wednesday who ordered her assassination at the start of the season. Wednesday needed Shadow to give up on everything and with no where to turn, the former convict would turn to him for help. Now Laura knows the truth and she asks for an audience with her husband as season one came to a close.

And finally war was declared as the old gods prepared to battle the new gods for supremacy over mankind. It appeared that the new gods had taken over with technology and media, but Wednesday wasn’t about to hand over control without a fight and now he’s got a fight on his hands.

Now that ‘American Gods’ season one has come to a close, what lies ahead for season 2? Here’s what show runners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green had to say about plans for season 2.

Shadow is now a believer after witnessing Odin’s power and what he’s willing to do to serve his new god.

“Season one is about the beginning of faiths and the slow bending of Shadow’s knee. Season two, we get to find out what it means to be a believer and to give yourself over to a higher power — how far you’re willing go and how far it can take you.”
~ Michael Green (Vulture)

Season one wasn’t kind for Shadow Moon — his wife died, he found out she was cheating on him and he was an unwitting participant in a war between gods. Just because he knows what’s happening now doesn’t mean things get any easier for him in season 2.

“You should be very worried for Shadow Moon.” ~ Bryan Fuller (EW)

Bilquis’ backstory was told during the season one finale as we learned about the god who once had worshippers giving their lives in tribute to her but over time she was weathered and nearly defeated before Technical Boy offered her a gift (an iPhone) so she could find all new followers in this current age of technology. Now she’s bound to her pact to the new gods but what does that mean for her allegiance to the old gods?

“She has a very complicated relationship with the New Gods. Now, on her way to the big meeting of the gods at House on the Rock, she’s going. But whose side is she on is the bigger question. You got just barely a taste of Bilquis in the first season, and she’s going to be a major player in Season 2.” — Bryan Fuller (TV Line)

After discovering that Mr. Wednesday orchestrated her death, Laura Moon is absolutely going after the oldest god of them all in season 2.

“I think the bigger interpersonal dramas that are waiting for us in Season two that excites us greatly is the notion of Laura Moon versus Mr. Wednesday. We see, by the end of the season, that Laura understands that Wednesday had her assassinated, specifically, to put Shadow in this situation. We always talked about Laura becoming that metaphor for the last Catholic who can, you know, shake her fist at the sky, and say, “Fuck you, God.” But now she actually gets to say it to a real god and she’s a god that she can get her hands on so what is she going to do next?” ~ Bryan Fuller (Deadline)

How much more ‘American Gods’ should we expect? Neil Gaiman’s book is vast but the show runners are undecided right now on how long this show could go on.

“It’s funny because we have that conversation frequently and Michael keeps trying to nail it down and I keep trying to run from that answer. I want to see how the story tells us how long it wants to be. So, we’re definitely of two minds, one that wants to know and one that doesn’t.” ~ Bryan Fuller
“It’s probably the only thing we disagree on, strongly. Whether we can see versions of the show to go four, five, six seasons without cracking into the next book.” ~ Michael Green (Deadline)

One final note — the show runners behind ‘American Gods’ also revealed that the show will not be participating in San Diego Comic Con this year in an effort to continue filming the series ahead of the debut on Starz in 2018.

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