‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Recap ‘Traitor’: Putting Out Fire with Gasoline

In the ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ recap, Cordelia seeks to expose the agents helping Michael Langdon and a new candidate for Supreme rises…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

There were more than a few revelations in this latest episode of ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ including how Myrtle returned from the dead and what exactly happened to the real Ms. Mead before the robotic remake was built.

Last week saw Madison and Chablis return to the Murder House where they found out Langdon’s horrific origin story and discovered that he is no warlock but rather the Antichrist set out to destroy the world.

Langdon knows that the only people powerful enough to stop him are the witches so he’s done everything possible to tear them apart from the inside out. Little does he know, however, is that Cordelia and the coven of witches are onto his scheme and trying to figure out a way to stop him before he ascends to power.

Sadly because the nuclear bombs already went off at the start of the season we know whatever plan the witches concocted didn’t work in time but how exactly did we get there?

More answers were revealed this week as we draw closer and closer to the final showdown between Langdon and the witches — and their new Supreme.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ titled ‘Traitor’…

All Hands on Deck

Following the death of Marie Leveau back in ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ a new voodoo queen has risen up the ranks and that’s where we meet Dinah Stevens again this week.

Dinah was one of the three witches who had their memories wiped so they could survive into the bunkers where Michael Langdon put the last remaining people on Earth after he caused the nuclear apocalypse.

Years earlier, Dinah was a powerful voodoo master who was killing mistresses and putting spells on cheating husbands so they couldn’t fuck anybody but the wife who actually shared a bed with them — all for a price.

That’s when Dinah runs into Cordelia Goode, who pays her a visit asking for a favor — she wants an audience with the powerful Papa Legba.

Now we met Papa Legba back in season 3 as well and he’s an omnipotent underworld voodoo master, who requires payment in exchange for his services. When he pays a visit to Dinah and Cordelia, he reminds the Supreme of the last time he was called upon by the witches in her coven.

On that occasion, the former Supreme Fiona Goode traded Nan to Papa Legba and now her eternal soul is locked in hell alongside him. Nan’s return during the latest episode was a bit of a surprise but it turns out she’s happy in the underworld where she serves as Papa Legba’s right hand.

Cordelia asks Papa to help her stop Michael Langdon by luring him into the underworld and locking him away for all eternity so he can’t cause the apocalypse. Papa Legba knows this is a risky proposition, especially considering Langdon’s father is Satan after all.

He concedes to help her but only in exchange for the souls of all of her witches. Cordelia obviously declines and with that Papa Legba disappears into the ether. She hopes that he’ll eventually accept a counter offer but Dinah tells the Supreme that Papa Legba will only name his price once and after that he won’t return again.

Meanwhile, Madison arrives at a movie shoot where she meets Bubbles McGee (played by Joan Collins) — a ‘B’ movie star who makes slasher films but also happens to be a powerful witch. It seems she left the coven when she realized that she’d ultimately just end up babysitting other witches so Bubbles struck out on her own to have a career away from the coven.

Madison tells her it’s all hands on deck thanks to this evil entity trying to ascend to become the Supreme and Bubbles agrees to listen after she’s reunited with her old friend Myrtle Snow.

After reminiscing about the good old days, Madison realizes that Bubble’s power is to read minds and Myrtle hopes to take her to a dinner with the warlocks where she will find out who is helping Langdon and what their plans will be as he attempts to become the Supreme.

Bubbles agrees to help and she’s off to Los Angeles with Myrtle where they arrive at the Hawthorne Academy offering to make a wonderful dinner for headmaster Ariel and fellow council member Baldwin Pennypaker. Myrtle tells them that the witches have seen the error of their ways and they hope to make amends with the warlocks and this dinner is the first peace offering to rebuilt burnt bridges.

The four of them sit down for dinner and it doesn’t take long for Bubbles to hear Ariel admit that they killed their brother John Henry and for Baldwin to confess that they plan to slaughter all of the witches after Langdon becomes the Supreme. Myrtle ends up casting a spell to make the boys sleepy so they can make their escape and return to tell Cordelia what they’ve learned.

The New Supreme Rises

Back in New Orleans, Coco has just discovered a new power — she can look at any food and tell exactly how many calories are inside. This mystical power backfires after she finishes a half-eaten Hostess’ Snowball and chokes to death on a piece that slipped down the wrong pipe.

Thankfully, Mallory was there to exhibit even more of her powers as she literally sliced open Coco’s neck, removed the piece of cake and suddenly she popped back to life as if nothing happened.

As for Cordelia, she’s watching more and more of her power fade while trying to hide her condition from the rest of the witches. At dinner that night, Cordelia reveals that she’s known about the coming apocalypse for some time now and that’s why she resurrected her old friend Myrtle, who had specifically asked not to be brought back from the dead.

Cordelia knew she was facing a powerful evil that she couldn’t take on alone so she needed Myrtle by her side. The dinner also serves as an educational meeting after Myrtle and Bubbles tell the rest of the coven and Chablis that they discovered Ariel helped orchestrate John Henry’s death and Baldwin is plotting the death of all the witches.

The next step in the plan involves bringing John Henry back from the dead so he can tell them about the person responsible for his death.

This also gives Cordelia an opportunity to test Mallory’s full powers because Zoe suggests that the reason why her magic is fading isn’t because Langdon passed the Seven Wonders and is meant to become the next Supreme — perhaps Mallory is the chosen one meant to take her throne.

Cordelia and the witches travel to the gas station where John Henry was burned alive and Mallory does her thing — passing one of the tests of the Seven Wonders at the same time — and brings him back from the dead.

John Henry then informs the witches that it wasn’t Ariel or Baldwin who killed him but a mysterious woman that we know as Ms. Mead.

With that, Cordelia orchestrates a plan to bring down all the co-conspirators so Langdon will have no one left to turn to when it’s time to finally confront him.

Putting Out Fire with Gasoline

The first step of the plan involves capturing Ms. Mead, which goes down without a hitch thanks to Coco distracting her long enough for some of the agents of the coven to ransack her and take her hostage.

Meanwhile at the Hawthorne Academy, Baldwing is overjoyed to share with Ariel that he’s created a deadly powder that he plans to unleash on the witches that will literally see them bleed to death from their every pore. They are cackling with laughter when Cordelia and the witches arrive to interrupt them.

Ariel attempts to backtalk the Supreme by pointing out her failing powers but Cordelia is quick to set that deadly power aflame and then seal his and Baldwin’s mouths shut while she reveals what she knows about their nefarious plans. Cordelia knows that Ariel and Baldwin were involved in killing a fellow warlock and attempting to usurp her throne and that’s punishable by death.

So Ariel, Baldwin and Ms. Mead are taken to the desert where they are strapped onto crosses and informed that they will now be burned at the stake as traitors. But Cordelia follows the rules because only a warlock can burn another warlock and that’s when she reveals that John Henry is alive…again.

Ariel and Baldwin are shocked but he gladly lights them both ablaze as they wiggle in agony unable to scream. As for Ms. Mead, she welcomes death because that will bring her one step closer to her dark master and she smiles while the flames eat her alive.

Now it’s time for the witches to finally confront Michael Langdon now that his support system has been decimated. It’s time for the first round showdown — the witches against the Antichrist.

Tune into the next episode of ‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ next Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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