‘American Horror Story’ Creator Ryan Murphy Teases Season 10 ‘Might Be Our Last’

‘American Horror Story: 1984’ came to a conclusion on Wednesday night and it appears season 10 might be the last run for the anthology series on FX…

With the upcoming 10th season in 2020, “American Horror Story” may be killing off its final victims.

Following the conclusion of “AHS: 1984”, which wrapped up on Wednesday night with the season finale on FX, Ryan Murphy revealed that the show has only been renewed through season 10 and it’s possible that could be the last installment of the long running anthology series.

Murphy is already working on a theme for season 10, which may include a massive reunion of past actors and actresses who have worked on the show because he knows this could be the final run for “American Horror Story”.

“We’re working on an ideas for season 10 that I think people will love because it’s about reuniting fan-favorite actors to come back — because it might be our last season,” Murphy said when speaking to Deadline. “It’s the last season we have contracted.
“So, I’ve been quietly reaching out to various people. Some people I haven’t reached out to yet because I was like do I have a role. So far, everybody I reached out to said ‘Yes’, so that’s been great.”

Nothing is set in stone yet but Murphy has been splitting his time between “American Horror Story” on FX, “9-1-1” on FOX and then developing a new slate of series for Netflix after inking a huge multi-year deal to create new shows and films for the streaming service.

While Murphy isn’t as hands on with “9-1-1”, he’s been a key part in every season of “American Horror Story” but it sounds like he’s starting to think about the end game with season 10 already in the works for next year.

As of now, Murphy isn’t ready to reveal any details or cast members who he’s asked to return but it certainly appears that he’s in the early planning stages for “American Horror Story” to potentially end after season 10. From the sound of things, Murphy is targeting the first three installments of “American Horror Story” for his ultimate reunion in season 10, which would include the first season affectionately dubbed “Murder House” as well as “Asylum” in season 2 and then “Coven” in season 3.

“I’ll just sort of say, the people who helped build this show into what it is, who believed in it from the beginning, have been contacted and are interested,” Murphy said. “So if you look at the iconography of the first three seasons, you can figure who I’ve gone to and who might be coming back. I’m always surprised, it’s such a hard show to do. The show has this really weird, I don’t know — season 9 has been really interesting. It’s the season that has gotten the best reviews. Going into its tenth season, it’s never been more popular.
“If you look at the worldwide numbers between the FX airing and the live+35 day airing, and you add up the streaming, every year, it grows, and grows and grows and this year with that cumulative add has been our most popular season and our most critically hailed. So, it’s always a show that surprises me. I’m surprised that the actors who are in it, love doing it. It’s so hard to make. This season was very hard because it had so many nightshoots. But everyone wants to come back and the fans and they’re outpouring of love for it. It’s No. 1 on Twitter. I’m excited about season 10 like I was excited about this year. I worked really hard on it. It was deeply embedded in my childhood and in Brad [Falchuk’s].”

Murphy did add that he’s already decided on an idea for season 10 but he wasn’t ready to give out any details at this early stage, especially considering the show wouldn’t even begin filming until sometime next year.

“Every season by Halloween, I come up with what the winner is and I already came up with an idea for season 10,” Murphy said. “There’s always the runner-ups, and I’m like ‘Hmm could this be something?’ We flirted with aliens, we flirted with space, we flirted with somethings that were more interesting than others. I think that at the heart of it, it’s always about Americana.
“The fans write in what they want, and they’re very excited about the Coven stuff and the aliens in season 2. They’ve always wanted something in space. It’s always a mysterious process of how I come up with the idea. I really don’t even understand it. I have a list of finalists on a piece of paper and I work on all of them. It’s just where is my life when I’m working on them.”

Obviously, Murphy hinting at “American Horror Story” coming to an end with season 10 could easily put the onus back on executives at FX and Disney to lock down a new deal to ensure the show does come back for season 11 and beyond but right now it definitely seems like he’s aiming towards a series finale in 2020.

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