‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Trailer Debuts, Plot Details Revealed (VIDEO)

The first full length trailer for ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ has been revealed along with plot details…

“If you get people scared enough, they will set the world on fire.”

That’s the teaser at the end of the first full length trailer for ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ that debuted on Tuesday with the debut on FX coming on Tuesday night, September 5 at 10pm ET.

Plot details for the newest season of ‘American Horror Story’ were also revealed:

In a world following the 2016 election where Donald Trump was elected president, two people in Michigan have vastly different reactions to the news.
Ally (played by Sarah Paulson) is horrified to think about raising a child alongside her wife Ivy (played by Allison Pill) in Trump’s America and she begins seeing visions of clowns everywhere she goes. As her coulrophobia (fear of clowns) grows more intense, Ally seeks help from her therapist (played by Cheyenne Jackson) to try and find some sort of cure for what ails her.
Meanwhile, Kai (played by Evan Peters) is overjoyed by the news that Trump has been elected and he decides to turn his attention to torture Ally by amplifying her worst fears. He then convinces Winter (played by Billie Lourd) to get a job as a nanny working for Ally and Ivy to further infiltrate their lives.
Ally is pushed closer and closer to the edge as her worst fears are all realized.

Enjoy the trailer as we get ready for the debut of ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ on Sept. 5.

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