Arrow Recap Season 4 Episode 5: ‘Haunted’

In the Arrow recap, Oliver calls in the big magical guns when he teams up with John Constantine in the latest episode…

By Chris Smolinski — special to Nerdcore Movement

Let me just start by saying I never watched Constantine, but if we are lucky enough the CW network will pick it up and we can get more amazing crossovers like this one. Top to bottom this was one of the best episodes yet. Brining in Constantine in the flashbacks was a brilliant idea. Ok let’s get into the recapping.

Can a mystical man save Sara, and can Ray still be alive?

We start off with a new hire for Oliver’s mayoral campaign. He tells Oli that because of the past, he needs to distance himself from Laurel and the Lance’s. He feels it is too much of a skeleton in the closet and it can hurt his campaign. Later on, while sparring Thea questions, her hire, and tells Oli he can’t drop Laurel. She feels it won’t help with his “United” slogan. The two are interrupted by an oz like voice saying there is a blonde woman hurting people. They get to the crime scene and see Laurel struggling with the blonde woman. Oliver lines up his shot, but freezes when he notices it is Sara. That gives her time to get away.

Laurel gets a bit angry when the “hypocritical” Oliver questions her and she lets him have it. It is a great scene, and you can see the chemistry between them.

Damian Darhk tasks Captain Lance to set a devise on something, but he heads to the Arrow cave and gives it to Felicity instead. She finds out that it is a super encrypted devise made to delete things. Felicity doesn’t have time to hack through it so the team sends Dig to help with Lance.

Things don’t go too well, but Lance has a great idea and he clocks Dig with his gun as some guards find them. It helps them get away, but Dig isn’t happy about his new concussion.

While all this is going on, Sara finally tracks down her target, Thea, and she attacks. Thea barely gets away and she has to go to the hospital. Because of their bond, Sara tracks her down fairly quickly and she attacks again, this time Laurel and Oli are there to stop her from doing any more damage.

The team decides Thea should just be in the Arrow cave, and though Oli disagrees, they decide to use Thea as bait to lure Sara into a trap. It works perfectly and Oli plugs Sara with a trank arrow.

During the flashbacks Oliver has been working with a mystical/magical guy. This smart-ass guy has magical powers and he leads Oliver to an underground cave that had a scepter type thing. Before he leaves, this new magic man takes a tattoo from his arm, and places it on Oli’s abs. He tells him he will know how to use it when the time comes.

Back in the real world Oli calls John (the magic man) and brings him in to help with Sara. He informs the team, Laurel and Oliver that they will need to work hard to get Sara’s soul out of the abyss. Though it seemed like John does most of the grunt work. They get her out and all seems well.

Curtis finally gets Rays message cleaned up and Felicity finds out that Ray is actually alive, but he is trapped by someone.

Next week we find out that Ray is actually being held captive by Damian and the team has to figure out how to save the mini Ray…

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