‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Watch as Tony Stark Finds Out About Thanos (VIDEO)

A new clip from Avengers: Infinity War has been revealed along with an interesting spoiler tucked into the conversation between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner…

Avengers: Infinity War will land in theaters in just a matter of days but a new clip was released on Monday night when part of the cast made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The one minute long clip does manage to drop one interesting spoiler as Bruce Banner — back home after his trip across the galaxy with Thor — is warning Tony Stark about Thanos’ imminent arrival.

The spoiler is that Banner mentions that Thanos is on his way and he already possesses two of the Infinity Stones — the power and space stones — before the ‘Mad Titan’ plots a course for Earth. Now it’s no surprise that Thanos has the space stone — better known in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Tesseract — as trailers have shown Loki handing that over to him.

The other one — the power stone — was the MacGuffin during the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie before the Infinity stone was eventually turned over to the Nova Corps for safe keeping. That means Thanos has already dealt with them and stolen the power stone for himself before turning his attention to Earth where several more of the Infinity stones currently reside.

The clip also proves that as serious as Avengers: Infinity War might be, there will still be time for some humor. And now we really want to try that Ben and Jerry’s flavor of ice cream named after Tony Stark.

Check out the new clip for Avengers: Infinity War and get ready for our full spoiler free review of the movie on Thursday!

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