‘Black Lightning’ Trailer Debuts But Series Will Not Be Part of the Arrowverse (VIDEO)

Catch the first trailer for ‘Black Lightning’ but don’t expect this series to crossover with any of the other shows on the CW…

The CW’s latest superhero series titled ‘Black Lightning’ has debuted a new trailer although the show isn’t expected to launch until mid-season, which means early 2018.

The concept for the show is below:

“Jefferson Pierce is a man wrestling with a secret. Nine years ago, Pierce was gifted with the superhuman power to harness and control electricity, which he used to keep his hometown streets safe as the masked vigilante Black Lightning. However, after too many nights with his life and his family on the line, he left his superhero days behind. Almost a decade later, Pierce’s crime-fighting days are long behind him — or so he thought. But with crime and corruption spreading like wildfire, Black Lightning returns — to save not only his family, but also the soul of his community.”

As much as the CW has embraced superhero shows including ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, it appears ‘Black Lightning’ will not be part of the same universe.

According to CW executives, there are no plans to have ‘Black Lightning’ crossover with the current slate of shows already running on the network not to mention the new series films in Atlanta versus all the other shows, which are filmed in Vancouver.

Another piece of news about ‘Black Lightning’ is the announcement that the CW doesn’t plan on running more than four superhero shows at any one time so that means when this series debuts, one of the other four will be on hiatus at the time.

There’s no word yet on an exact debut date but it’s likely ‘Black Lightning’ will launch in early 2018.

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