‘Black Mirror’ Trailer for Disturbing Jodie Foster Directed Episode Debuts (VIDEO)

Check out the first full length trailer for an upcoming episode during ‘Black Mirror’ season 4…

How far would you go to protect your children?

That’s the question posed for the first episode of ‘Black Mirror’ season 4 directed by Oscar winner Jodie Foster with a new trailer that debuted on Saturday.

The episode titled “Arkangel” follows a single mother who loses track of her little girl one day at the park and decides to go to great lengths to ensure that she will always know where she’s at from that day going forward.

“The key to good parenting is control”

That’s the tagline from the company who promises to help this woman keep tabs on her daughter but when strange things start happening including creepy drawings and animals freaking out whenever her child is around, the mother has to wonder what this technological terror is costing her daughter for the sake of security.

Check out the trailer above as we draw nearer to ‘Black Mirror’ season 4 on Netflix in 2018.

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