‘Black Panther’ Already Surpassed Total Domestic Revenue for ‘Justice League’

Just to give you an idea of how huge ‘Black Panther’ has been so far, the four day total has already surpassed the total revenue for ‘Justice League’ in North America…

It’s safe to say, ‘Black Panther’ is a hit.

In what was already expected to be a blockbuster opening for the latest Marvel movie, ‘Black Panther’ is surpassing even those early estimates with the film directed by Ryan Coogler expected to earn a whopping $235 million over its first four days in the theater.

That makes ‘Black Panther’ the biggest opening for any movie in February — cruising past ‘Deadpool’ that opened with $152 million in 2016.

The only Marvel movie that had a bigger four day opening than ‘Black Panther’ was the original ‘Avengers’ film directed by Joss Whedon.

To help put into perspective just how huge ‘Black Panther’ has been — in four days the movie has already surpassed the total gross revenue that ‘Justice League’ made domestically in North America for the entire run of the film in theaters. ‘Justice League’ made just over $228 million total during its entire run in theaters in North America.

Obviously, ‘Black Panther’ is far from finished with the movie expected to stay No. 1 at the box office most likely for the next couple of weeks with no major opposition to draw away audiences.

And just to answer any questions if you haven’t seen the movie — yes ‘Black Panther’ is as good as advertised.

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