Brian Michael Bendis Takes Over Superman Titles as First Writing Gig at DC Comics

Famed writer Brian Michael Bendis will be taking over ‘Superman’ and ‘Action Comics’ in his arrival at DC Comics…

Brian Michael Bendis, who has been responsible for some of the biggest Marvel storylines over the past decade, decided to take his talents to DC Comics just recently in a major coup as the Warner Bros. owned company signed away one of the most well known comic writers of all time.

Bendis helped build the Marvel ‘Ultimate’ Universe including the creation of Miles Morales aka Spider-Man as well as major runs on comics such as ‘Daredevil’ as well as ‘Jessica Jones’ that served as the inspiration for the Netflix TV series of the same name.

Now after spending the bulk of his writing career at Marvel, Bendis has moved over to DC Comics where he will now take over writing duties on two different books — ‘Superman’ and ‘Action’ Comics’ — as he puts his focus on the Man of Steel in his first duties at the comic book giant.

“I’m very excited about this, it’s a very big deal,” Bendis told Forbes. “When I was first approached by DC, there was a lot of speculation about what I would do and what characters I’m interested in. But the one at the top of my list — and it surprised some people — but at the top of my list was Superman.”

Bendis will officially kick off his relationship with DC Comics as a participant in the blockbuster ‘Action Comics’ No. 1000 before moving into a special six issue series called ‘Man of Steel’. From there, Bendis already has designs on a huge Superman storyline that he’s excited to tackle.

“The Man of Steel story will debut a huge new villain, a blockbuster villain who connects deeply to Superman’s origin story and to his birthright,” Bendis revealed. “We’re going to dig in very hard, this is one of my goals, to be a additive to Superman as possible. The characters we debut right away, including this new villain, will send ripples of horror across the entire Superman family and beyond!”

Once ‘Man of Steel’ is wrapped up, Bendis will make his debut on ‘Superman’ and ‘Action Comics’ as the regular monthly writer with those first issues expected to be released in July.

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