‘Cobra Kai’ Officially Moving to Netflix; ‘Y: The Last Man’ and ‘American Horror Stories’ Headed to Hulu

“Cobra Kai” officially has a new home at Netflix while two upcoming FX series including the “American Horror Story” spinoff will be moving over to FX on Hulu…

“Cobra Kai” officially has a new home.

“The Karate Kid” spinoff, which was a massive hit for YouTube ever since it first debuted, will be moving to Netflix with a new deal that will feature the third season of the show debuting on the streaming service. The first two seasons of “Cobra Kai” will also be available on Netflix starting later this year.

The move comes after an intense bidding period where several streaming services were hoping to land “Cobra Kai” after YouTube decided to scrap all of its original programming. A third season of “Cobra Kai” has already been filmed and with so many series on hiatus due to productions being shut down because of the coronavirus, original programming like this is a hot commodity right now.

Netflix picking up the series also means that any future seasons of “Cobra Kai” would also land there as well.

“Cobra Kai” carries on the original story from “The Karate Kid” films with William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) and Ralph Macchio (Daniel La Russo) reprising their roles while teaching the next generation of martial artists.

Elsewhere, FX has decided to move two of its high profile upcoming series to Hulu as part of their deal with the streaming service largely owned by Disney now.

First up the series based on the popular comic book “Y: The Last Man” will be shifting from FX to FX on Hulu. The series based on the Brian K. Vaughan written comic follows a young man named Yorick, who along with his pet monkey, are the only surviving males after an apocalyptic event wipes out everyone and everything else on Earth with a Y chromosome.

Joining the “Y: The Last Man” series on Hulu will be the upcoming “American Horror Story” spinoff titled “American Horror Stories.”

The new spinoff series will feature individual, self-contained stories comprised in each one hour episode similar to past shows like “Masters of Horror” or “Creepshow,” which currently airs on Shudder.

FX has committed several series to the new FX on Hulu endeavor as the streaming service now serves as the exclusive home to all of the network’s programming following the massive sale of FOX to Disney, which was finalized in early 2019.

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