‘Cobra Kai’ Renewed for Season 2 on YouTube Red

Get ready for more Cobra Kai action as The Karate Kid spinoff series has officially been renewed for season 2…

Cobra Kai never dies…at least when it comes to the television series.

Cobra Kai — a follow up series to The Karate Kid films — has officially been renewed for season 2 on YouTube Red.

The series catches up with the two main characters from the first Karate Kid film from 1984 with former champion Daniel LaRusso now living his life as a suburban dad who runs a successful chain of auto dealerships while his former high school rival Johnny Lawrence ended up as a down on his luck part time repairman, who can’t seem to catch a break.

That all changes when Johnny helps save a kid from his apartment building who is being bullied and he’s forced to put his karate skills to go use. That eventually leads to Johnny re-opening the Cobra Kai dojo, which doesn’t sit very well with Daniel considering his long and sordid history with the team.

The first season of Cobra Kai has been praised as a great homage to the original films as well as a perfect way to carry on the story in the present day.

There’s no word on when Cobra Kai season 2 will debut but it’s likely to drop in spring 2019 on YouTube Red.

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