‘Counterpart’ Cancelled by Starz After Two Seasons

The science fiction espionage thriller ‘Counterpart’ has been cancelled by Starz after two seasons….

‘Counterpart’ has been cancelled after two seasons on Starz.

The science fiction/spy espionage thriller from creator Justin Marks received critical praise after season one, which featured JK Simmons in a duel role as the lead character on the series.

‘Counterpart’ was a story based in Germany where a separate, parallel universe had been created in an accident of scientific experiment and over the course of the years, the two sides that once collaborated together had been split apart following the release of a flu virus wiped out a huge part of the population on the ‘other side’.

Simmons portrayed a character named Howard Silk, who was a lowly and meek man on our side of the parallel universe while his ‘counterpart’ was a high ranking spy and assassin in the same organization.

Despite those rave reviews for the series, Starz ultimately decided to cancel ‘Counterpart’ with the season 2 finale set to air this Sunday night on the network.

The creator behind ‘Counterpart’ tweeted out the news on Monday while holding out hope that the studio responsible for the series could potentially move the show to a different outlet going forward.


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