Damon Lindelof in Talks to Develop ‘Watchmen’ as a TV Series for HBO

‘Lost’ and ‘The Leftovers’ co-creator Damon Lindelof may be bringing the ‘Watchmen’ to life on HBO…

“The greatest piece of popular fiction ever produced”

Those are the words Damon Lindelof contributed to the ‘Watchmen’ graphic novel from famed writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons and now he may be involved in an effort to turn that story into a new TV series at HBO.

Fresh off the completion of his work on ‘The Leftovers’, Lindelof is in talks with HBO to develop and adapt the ‘Watchmen’ comic books into an ongoing TV series at HBO.

The ‘Watchmen’ centers around a group of superheroes who affect world change — including playing a part in the end of the Vietnam War — until they find themselves under scrutiny from the public before being banished from any acts of vigilantism. They are brought back together after one of their own — The Comedian — is murdered and the investigation leads to a far reaching conspiracy at the global level.

Zack Snyder adapted ‘Watchmen’ for a 2009 movie starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Patrick Wilson and Malin Akerman and there were rumors that he was attached to potentially develop the story into a TV series for HBO several years ago but the project never got off the ground.

Now the beloved comic book may be transformed by one of its biggest fans as Lindelof often referenced ‘Watchmen” when speaking about his work on ‘Lost’ and he would seem to be the perfect fit to adopt the story for television now on HBO.


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