David Gordon Green Explains How He Pitched New ‘Halloween’ to Creator John Carpenter

Before cameras could roll on the upcoming ‘Halloween’ sequel, director David Gordon Green wanted to get John Carpenter’s blessing on his vision…

When David Gordon Green got the go ahead from Jason Blum to begin work on a new ‘Halloween’ sequel, there was one key piece to the puzzle that he had to have in place before he would start production.

He wanted John Carpenter’s blessing.

The man behind the original 1978 classic ‘Halloween’ hadn’t really been involved with the horror franchise for years and the characters he created no longer belonged to him but none of that mattered to Green.

To move forward with his own vision for ‘Halloween’, Green wanted Carpenter to not only sign off on the project but he also hoped that the part time composer would honor them by creating the score to the upcoming sequel.

Find out what happened in that meeting when Green pitched ‘Halloween’ to the man who created Michael Myers.

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