‘Deadpool 2’ Director Explains How They Landed a Celine Dion Power Ballad for the Movie (VIDEO)

Yes, there is actually a Celine Dion music video featuring Deadpool that will be used for the soundtrack for Deadpool 2…

Through two movies, Deadpool has managed to create some pretty iconic moments set to music.

From Deadpool sketching a drawing to the sound of Salt ‘N Peppa’s ‘Shoop’ to the bad ass moment where the Merc with a Mouth is walking side by side with his X-Men friends set to soundtrack of ‘X Gon’ Give It To You’ by DMX.

Even the Deadpool 2 trailer has featured a thumping soundtrack courtesy of LL Cool J’s classic track ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’.

But through all those musical homages, Deadpool 2 somehow managed to pull off the biggest coup of all by landing Celine Dion to produce an original power ballad — and music video — for the soundtrack.

So how did Deadpool 2 manage to land the woman responsible for arguably the most recognizable soundtrack song of all time?

“I wanted to create an original thematic song for the film that sort of was an emotional through-line for the characters. It’s not only Deadpool, but also a lot of characters in the film,” Deadpool 2 director David Leitch explained when speaking to EW. “I was looking for a thematic song in the classic ‘90s style of “Take My Breath Away” or “My Heart Will Go On.” Because there’s real emotion in the movie, and we’re coming from a real genuine place. So I started to look for material. I was working with John Houlihan, the music supervisor. We were meeting with songwriters, we were hearing riffs and ideas, I was giving them briefings on thematics. And we ended up discovering the song “Ashes.” It just sort of fit and ticked all the boxes of what I was trying to do, story-wise. And I was like, man, I really would love to find an artist to record this — a contemporary artist who’s got the chops to make it super emotional.
“I brought it to Ryan Reynolds and we started to riff on it. And he’s like, “You know who we should get? We should approach Céline. She’s an incredible singer, she’s amazing, but she’s also someone who works in the sort of subversive Deadpool universe.” It’s a lot of how things work on Deadpool: One of us has an idea, another one brings another idea to it, and then all of a sudden magic happens. So Ryan reached out. We had the song that was going to work for the movie, and then Ryan reached out and said, “Céline, would you like to record it?”

According to Leitch, Dion was immediately on board to not only sing the song but also perform in the music video, which he also directed.

“She has a son who’s a fan. But I think she was actually taken aback by the song as well,” Leitch said. “She’s a really sort of fun personality and a really beautiful person, and I think she understood what we were trying to do. And yeah, it was fun, and there might be some slight satire to it, but the song is a really emotional song, and we needed it to land in a genuine way for the movie, first and foremost. So she got it. And I think she loved the material and she elevated it in a way that only she can do it.”

The end result is a pretty epic music video for the song ‘Ashes’, which also features a dancing Deadpool throughout the performance.

Check out the video for ‘Ashes’ by Celine Dion and get ready for Deadpool 2 in theaters on May 18.

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