‘Deadpool 2’ Gets New Release Date, ‘New Mutants’ Pushed Back Until 2019

FOX has bumped a few release dates for upcoming movies including ‘Deadpool 2’ and ‘New Mutants’…

FOX has changed the release dates for several upcoming films in the ‘X-Men’ series including the highly anticipated ‘Deadpool 2’ starring Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin.

Originally slated for a June release, ‘Deadpool 2’ will now land in theaters on May 18 instead. It didn’t take Reynolds long to react to the news that his movie was getting bumped up by a couple of weeks.

Perhaps the most shocking move for the change in release dates was for Josh Boone’s upcoming ‘New Mutants’ film that was expected to hit theaters on April 13.

Now ‘New Mutants’ won’t be released until Feb. 22, 2019.

There was no reason given for the extreme push back for the release date for ‘New Mutants’ but rumors have been swirling that the film is being re-edited with possible reshoots to make the movie scarier than the first cut that was originally slated to land in theaters. ‘New Mutants’ is being pitched as a horror/superhero film with ties to the X-Men franchise.

And finally, Channing Tatum’s long gestating ‘Gambit’ movie has been pushed back to June 7, 2019 after originally being slated for a Feb. 2019 release date.

‘Gambit’ has undergone all sorts of problems in development with three different directors leaving the project including Gore Verbinski, who just exited the film earlier this week.

As of now the only movie on the X-Men docket that hasn’t been changed is ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’, which is still scheduled for release on Nov. 2…at least for now!

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