‘Deadpool’ 2 Trailer Arrives: Watch as Deadpool Meets Cable and Sparks Fly (VIDEO)

The new ‘Deadpool 2’ trailer has arrived as the Merc with a Mouth meets Cable…

The long awaited trailer for ‘Deadpool 2’ has arrived with a much deeper look at Cable, who arrives from the future and then immediately clashes with the Merc with a Mouth aka Deadpool.

The new trailer doesn’t set the stage much for the plot of ‘Deadpool 2’ other than showing Cable blowing up a lot of stuff once he arrives in the present day while it appears Deadpool has actually started teaming up with the X-Men.

There’s also a much better look at Zazie Beetz, who makes her debut as Domino in ‘Deadpool 2’ as well as many past characters popping up in the new trailer.

Check out the trailer for ‘Deadpool 2’ before the movie lands in theaters on May 18.

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